Use Cases

Merchant Underwriting

KYC SiteScan enables merchant processors to scale their underwriting and compliance operations.

Manual Know Your Customer due diligence is slow, inconsistent, error prone and expensive. KYC SiteScan automates KYC information aggregation so that the process is fast, inexpensive, consistent, with high quality. KYC automation enables payment industry companies to unblock their underwriting, risk and compliance workflows.

KYC SiteScan is already integrated into many of the leading third-party merchant onboarding and underwriting management platforms. Our well-documented API allows in-house developers to integrate, test and deploy in a matter of hours.

If your company is planning to automate KYC as part of a larger workflow automation project, contact us.

Business Underwriting

Companies which onboard new business customers should perform proper KYC to avoid economic risk, reputational damage, legal and compliance issues.

KYC SiteScan costs a small fraction of manual business due diligence. Automated KYC reduces the time to begin business with new clients while maintaining high underwriting and compliance standards.

Auditors, examiners, banks, legal organizations and consulting companies recommend our reports and data as a high standard for business KYC due diligence.

Contact us for more information, a demo, or to test up to five of your business customers.

Compliance Monitoring

KYC SiteScan is an effective tool to provide a periodic KYC "snapshot" of your business clients. KYC automation lessens the burden of compliance reviews, periodic re-underwriting, or portfolio review.

Contact us to discuss your requirements to discover if KYC SiteScan is a good fit for your needs.

Risk Review

Clients use KYC SiteScan for risk review due diligence.

Each KYC SiteScan report is a "snapshot" in time of a business from a KYC perspective.

KYC analysis at initial underwriting and at relationship termination helps risk departments sharpen their defenses against fraud, or "bad actors". Snapshots are also important when performing risk forensics and remediation.

Portfolio Conversion

Portfolio movement from one bank or payments platform to another often triggers the need for a new or updated merchant underwriting.  KYC SiteScan can perform high-quality Know Your Customer due diligence on hundreds of thousands of merchants in a matter of days and for a small fraction of the cost than if dozens of risk managers performed the process manually over a year's time. 

Automated KYC helps facilitate the smooth and rapid portfolio onboarding to a new sponsor institution ensuring proper risk review and documented compliance.

Vendor Review

Vendor Management professionals use KYC SiteScan to automate the labor-intensive, time consuming KYC information gathering process.

This frees analysts to review rather than gather information on their vendors.

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