May 2024:  Long-time partner NMI ScanX (formerly Agreement Express) podcast on how KYC SiteScan features and data help NMI provide best-in-class merchant underwriting capabilities to their clients.

March 2024:  KYC SiteScan provides a seminar titled "How is AI Changing KYC?" at the Association of Payment Professionals (APP) LevelUp 24 Conference in Las Vegas.

June 2023:  KYC SiteScan provides "What's New in Merchant KYC" webinar to membership of the Association of Payments Professionals (APP).
For APP members, you can download the slide deck and view the webinar here. If not a member, the webinar can be viewed here.

March 2023:  Association of Payments Professionals (APP) selects KYC SiteScan to present a webinar on trends in KYC to its membership.

April 2022: GRC Outlook Magazine recognizes partners Agreement Express and KYC SiteScan as a Top 10 KYC Solution Provider for 2022.

February 2022: KYC SiteScan highlighted as a critical automated due diligence/Know Your Customer tool integrated into the leading payments industry merchant onboarding/underwriting/decisioning automation platform, Agreement Express.

November 2021: KYC SiteScan participates in the Electronic Transactions Association (ETA) roundtable discussion titled "The Path to Underwriting Efficiency".   This discussion highlights the experiences of a payments merchant acquirer underwriting manager on his digital transformation journey from manual process to full underwriting and KYC automation.
Watch the recorded webinar.  Use this password: ETA-FI (case sensitive)

October 2021: KYC SiteScan and G2 present "How to Pick a KYC Automation Vendor That's Right For You," the third and final webinar in the KYC Beginner to Pro for Merchant Acquirers series. 
Watch the recorded webinar.

September 2021: KYC SiteScan participates in a knowledge series webinar hosted by the Toronto Compliance and AML Events (TCAE), titled "Ongoing Monitoring and Why It's Important."
Watch the recorded webinar. 

August 2021: KYC SiteScan and G2 present "Automated KYC:  ROI You Can't Afford to Ignore", a webinar on how to quantify and calculate Return on Investment (ROI) when automating the merchant Know Your Customer (KYC) due diligence process.  Second of a three-part series on KYC automation.   
Watch the recorded webinar.

June 2021: KYC SiteScan and G2 present "Anatomy of a Bad Actor", a webinar on how to identify merchants that are and are not a fit for a merchant acquirer's specific portfolio criteria.  First of a three-part series on KYC automation.  
Watch the recorded webinar.

February 2021: KYC SiteScan and G2 provide an educational webinar to members of the Merchant Acquirers Committee (MAC).  
Download the slide deck titled "Ten Merchant Red Flags to Spot Before Boarding"
Download the webinar video presentation.

February 2021: KYC SiteScan participates as speakers in the 2021 G2 | Verisk Risk Summit Series.
Watch the Risk Summit recordings and view slide decks (registration required).

November 2020: KYC SiteScan provides a KYC automation presentation for the G2 | Verisk product webinar series.  
Watch the webinar here (registration required).

September 2020: KYC SiteScan participates in a webinar panel discussion on the ETA Merchant Acquiring Underwriting Guidelines and Technology. 
Watch the webinar here (registration required).

July 2020: KYC SiteScan selected as the first Third Party Validator to launch on IBM's Trust Your Supplier B2B network.

July 2020: KYC SiteScan teams with Verisk Financial | G2 and Agreement Express to create Merchant Lifecycle, and end-to-end onboarding/KYC automation/underwriting/decisioning and persistent merchant monitoring modular solution.
Read the info Sheet.

May 2020: KYC SiteScan participates in G2 Web Services's Webinar Series, Beyond Coping: A Payment Provider's Guide to Thriving in the New Virtual Economy.
Watch the webinar.

April 2020: IBM selects KYC SiteScan as a Know Your Supplier tool to help battle COVID-19 Medical Supply Chain Shortages with the Launch of IBM Rapid Supplier Connect. 
Read the Press Release.

March 2020: Verisk Financial | G2 partners with KYC SiteScan to Provide Enhanced Merchant Ongoing Automation and Persistent Merchant Monitoring.
Read the Press Release.

September 2019: KYC SiteScan video with Agreement Express on KYC automation as part of the underwriting automation process for the payments industry.

August 2019: KYC Systems selected to present to Department of the Treasury, Office of Financial Crimes Enforcement Unit (FinCen) on KYC automation as part of FinCen's Innovation Hours Program.

April 2019: KYC SiteScan chosen for annual Electronic Transactions Association (ETA) conference speakers panel on KYC to managing underwriting and fraud risk.

March 2019: KYC SiteScan Attends Merchant Acquirers Committee conference

September 2018: Recorded Merchant Acquirers' Committee (MAC) educational Webinar titled KYC Automation available to view. 

August 2018: KYC SiteScan chosen to present KYC Automation educational webinar for the Merchants Acquirers' Committee (MAC) membership.

April 2018: Tech Futures Group Awards Advisory Role to KYC Systems Management Team.

March 2018: KYC Systems Attends Merchant Acquirers Committee conference

May 2016: KYC SiteScan Panelist for Midwest Acquirers Association Show

February 2016: ETA Transaction Trends Magazine Article Features KYC SiteScan and Client North American Bancard on Automating Underwriting.


  1. ETA Transaction Trends Magazine article (pdf) highlighting how KYC Systems helps North American Bancard scale, speed and automate merchant underwriting.

  2. Green Sheet Article on KYC automation, highlighting KYC SiteScan. 

  3. Agreement Express - Meet the Experts  - KYC Systems' Matthew Parker interviewed by Agreement Express about KYC automation in the underwriting process.