We offer a modern real-time REST API to communicate with KYC SiteScan.

The KYC API allows clients to:

  1. Initiate requests for KYC reports
  2. Retrieve completed KYC reports in JSON format and PDF 
  3. Query for historical KYC risk data on previously completed reports

The KYC API eliminates:

  1. Manual data entry to request reports
  2. Manual retrieval of reports 
  3. Manual review of reports

The KYC API enables clients to:

  1. Automate their KYC process due diligence. The ROI for this process automation is compelling.

  2. Bring data from the KYC process into another business process for further automation and decisioning such as:
    1. Underwriting
    2. Compliance review
    3. Risk reviews or forensics
    4. Client onboarding

Interested in learning more about the KYC API?  
Contact us and we can set up your development team with access to online documentation and a sandbox testing environment.

Web Terminal

For clients who do not yet use an API, we provide a secure Web Terminal to initiate and retrieve KYC SiteScan reports.

The Web Terminal allows search, retrieval, view, and download of historical KYC reports.

Data entry into the Web Terminal is useful for "one off" reports that clients might wish outside of the KYC API.

Contact us for a demo.  With Web Terminal access you you can get started using KYC SiteScan within one business day.

Batch File

Clients who do not use an API can upload batch files through a secure Web Terminal to process a significant amount of existing electronic records.

Upon completion, KYC reports are accessed and retrieved through the Web Terminal.

Contact us for more information and to test up to five business clients.