KYC SiteScan

Our full-featured product that provides all data sources and KYC business process automation to detect merchant and business risk. We take a "white box" approach and provide clients with primary source data for informed decisions.

All of this business process automation and data is delivered in a single API!  

Business and product/service categorization

1.   Determine business primary and secondary categories.

2.   Determine and validate products and services the business sells.

3.   Determine if the business is involved in prohibited or high-risk products.

4.   Crawl the business Website capturing samples of products and services.

5.   Crawl Website for both prohibited and required words or phrases.

6.   Detect and capture merchant’s consumer policy disclosures (refund, privacy, shipping, terms of service).

Business Information Validation

7.   Confirm business registration and officers standing with government jurisdictions.

8.   Discover alternate DBA or related corporate names.

9.   Determine if the Merchant has a Website if URL is not provided on the merchant application.

10.  Confirm provided business address, phone, URL information

11.  Associate the applicant name with the business.

12.  Identify business corporate structure.

13.  Determine if business is reported closed or sanctioned.

Consumer Sentiment Detection

14.   Does the business have a poor reputation and ratings with consumers?

15.   Does the business have a high number of consumer complaints?

16.   Review the social media of the business and principals, including consumer feedback.

17.   Is business ripping off consumers?

General KYC Business Risk

18.   Satellite and Street View photos of business location.

19.   Perform OFAC SDN list screening on business and principals names and address.

20.   Optionally, perform global watchlist screening on over 1,000 sanctions and PEP lists.

21.   Industry negative database screening such as MasterCard MATCH.

22.   Review the Website’s traffic history and affiliated websites.

23.   Detect the country where company’s web server is hosted.

24.   Detect if the business website is hosting malware, adult content or spam.

25.   Capture domain name registration information.

26.   Detect if the business has a working website or is it “parked” or down.

27.   Does the business or principals have legal problems?

28.   Does the business or principals have governmental compliance problems?

29.   Identification of merchant advertising and marketing methods.

30.   Web and news searches on business and principals.

KYC SiteScan reports provides clients with:

  1.   A human-readable PDF report for enhanced KYC due diligence. 

  2.   A secure API delivers much of the data contained in the PDF report. 

Underwriting and Compliance Management Systems consume this data to build "waterfall" rule sets, scoring or machine learning engines for automated decisioning workflow.

KYC MerchantScan

A report and data feed designed to deliver KYC information if review of a business website is not required.


Provides sub-merchants an initial Know Your Customer review.  If an onboarded sub-merchant triggers the need for additional underwriting, KYC SiteScan and KYC MerchantScan provide in-depth KYC reporting. The Payment Facilitation industry's unique sub-merchant screening requirements led us to create this specific KYC solution.

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