Payment Card Acquiring

KYC SiteScan took the payment acquiring industry's merchant KYC requirements and automated them.  

We serve the largest global merchant acquirer and three of the top ten U.S.-based acquirers.

Clients use our KYC automation products to scale, speed and reduce underwriting and risk review costs. 

Merchant acquirers, ISOs, ISVs, payment facilitators and acquiring banks use our products as part of an underwriting or compliance management system built in-house or licensed from a third party vendor. Our KYC business process automation and data sources closely adhere to the Electronic Payments Association (ETA) merchant underwriting guidelines.

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ACH Processing / Payroll Processing

ACH Processors, including payroll processing companies, find KYC SiteScan's reports and data a critical part of their underwriting and compliance management processes.

Clients have told us KYC SiteScan reports are the difference between passing or failing examiner compliance audits.

If you are an ACH processor seeking to automate aspects of your underwriting and compliance processes, contact us to schedule a brief discovery discussion.

Payment Facilitation

Payment Facilitation has a different merchant underwriting workflow than traditional merchant card acquiring.

Our P-Fac Scan product accommodates the "two pass" nature of payment facilitation merchant review:

  1. A relatively light initial KYC screening for a large number of sub-merchants.
  2. Indepth KYC due diligence for those sub-merchants whose payment processing triggers a higher level of underwriting.

If you are a Payment Facilitator seeking to automate merchant underwriting and KYC compliance, contact us for a discussion.

Business Banking

Commercial banks find KYC SiteScan's features useful for vetting new business clients and for periodic KYC reviews.

Banks also use KYC SiteScan to perform Know Your Customer's Customer (KYCC) due diligence.

If your bank is interested to automate KYC for business banking, merchant processing, vendor or compliance management, contact us to start a discussion.

B2B Payments

B2B payments requires knowing the transaction sender and recipient entities.  KYC SiteScan helps some of the largest B2B payment companies automate KYC.

Our KYC reports and data automate onboarding of senders and can provide information about B2B transaction recipients in minutes. 

If you are a B2B payments provider seeking to automate your compliance and underwriting processes, contact us to set up a brief discovery call.

Business Leasing/Lending

A KYC review before the entering into a new business leasing or lending relationship is often desired or required to complete client due diligence. KYC SiteScan helps automate that process.

Disclaimer:  KYC SiteScan reports and data are not credit decisioning tools as defined by the U.S. Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and should not be used as such. 

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